Albert Rubio

Actor/Director/Teaching Artist

Teaching philosophy

As a Theatrical Teaching Artist, Albert feels as though a teacher should be flexible to the needs of their students, and tailor designed courses to the needs of the class. Albert feels that a teacher should be guiding their students to discover their own true potential, and he strives to create a classroom community of respect, trust, and play. As a student of the theatre himself for the past 14 years of his life in both the public and private school sectors, he knows how personal this art form can be. A student of the theatre must be willing to take risks, and challenge fear, but a student is unable to do that in an environment of negativity. Therefore, Albert believes that creating a space where positive reinforcement reigns and the willingness to play o'erleaps the tendency towards fear is paramount. 


The video below is from the final showing of my Middle School A.C.T.  Young Conservatory Voice Class' (summer 2016) open class. Where they perform the Chorus Speech from Henry V. Image theatre techniques were used to develop the movement of the piece. In the class we studied language through Shakespeare's Chorus speeches in Henry V, we learned about vocal production, pitch range & vocal inflection, articulation, body alignment, and the international phonetic alphabet. Thus beginning the steps towards understanding their own personal voice.